Saturday, August 25, 2007

At the Beach in Delaware

Guy showing his "rebirth" mark--some of you know he had a very large birthmark on his arm. He and I have both joined the ranks of those with tattoos--I, Kathleen however will refrain from posting mine. (ha!) The tattoo artist did a great job covering it up-- My second beauty, Anna!
Some of you know we did a complete kitchen remodel---Guy is so talented and did all of the work from the drywall, electric, plumbing, installing cabinets, tile, and installing new floor. Saved us tons of money! I now enjoy walking into my kitchen.


Anonymous said...

The kitchen looks great!!! I like the curtains on the door. Love you guys!!


Beth said...

Wow, it does look different with the new refrigerator and stove. It is now complete!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey, I just google'd tattoo over birthmark and your blog came up, I have a very large birth mark on my upper right arm as well and I want to get mine covered too, can you email me any info about getting your tattoo done?