Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Autumn Eating

Initially Autumn would not eat any solid food at all. At the orphanage she had obviously only gotten a bottle. For quite awhile she would simply clench her mouth and turn away when offered any food item. That all changed with a Cheeto on our trip to see Aunt Chris & the boys in Ohio. Now she likes bread, breakfast cereal, goldfish crackers and has become an afficianado of fries of all kinds--McDonalds being the clear winner.

The First Pic of the Caley6

Can you believe it? We just hadn't gotten around to a whole family pic. Well actually we had at the Teen Challenge graduation, but then the camera (theirs, not ours) turned up missing. So this one was taken for our church photo directory.

The Sweet Pool Life

Here are the promised pool pics. Alexandra wasn't swimming this day. The pool has been lots of fun and so far maintenance hasn't been that hard. Aaron has a friend in the neighborhood who's been coming over alot and Kathleen has bought a home-only sunbathing suit. When she first modeled it Anna's response was, "Number one that suit is inappropriate. Number two you were supposed to let me help you bake the pie."